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If you love white landscapes, Casas Ordesa heartily recommends this trek, which you're sure to enjoy. What could be more agreeable after and exhilarating but exhausting excursion than coming back to a cosy fire in the fireplace of a rural holiday cottage?

Take the trail leading out of the meadow towards the Cola de Caballo. After a ten-minute hike you'll reach a marked fork to the left that leads to Cotatuero. Take this trail.

Follow this trail up a moderate incline through the woods until you reach the Cotatuero shelter (wooden cabin). Keep ascending on the same trail, passing the trail forking to your right that leads to the beech forest until you reach the zone fitted with pitons. On this route, you will have passed another trail forking to the left that leads to the Cirque de Carriata. Once you cross the rock face using the pitons – a spectacular aerial experience – you'll arrive at the heights of the Cotatuero waterfall.

Once you've worked your way through the zone of pitons, follow the trail and after the second 'leg' of the ascent stop to orient yourself to make your way NW through a zone of poorly marked trails to continue on to El Sumidero. Taking the 'Brèche' as a point of reference, cross over several rocky expanses (glacial moraines) until you reach the ice cave situated at the foot of Pico Anónimo.

Return taking the same route: 5 hrs

Trek back through Góriz to the meadow at the bottom of the valley: 5 hrs

Elevation gain: 1340m
Average hiking time: route out 5 hrs 30 min return 5 hrs

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